Helping business leaders get what they want from their business.

Helping business leaders get what they want from their business.

Is your business getting you where you want to go?

Do you have time for your other passions outside of work?

Do you spend your time doing the work you love?

Remember the excitement when you started your business?

You went into business because you wanted the freedom to do what excites you, make good money doing it, and build a rewarding life for you and your employees.

Then time goes by and frustration sets in.

People Problems

Their intentions are good. But they lack discipline and accountability.

Hitting the ceiling

You are trying many things but can’t seem to break through to the next level.

Out of control

Are you running your business, or is it running you?

Too little profit

Are you getting the rewards for the time and effort invested into the business?

“If you’re struggling to have your whole team on the same page, and in the death trap that nothing’s getting done, the investment is worth it. 100%.”


Together, we’ll transform your business.

As a longtime business owner, I’ve directly experienced the difference EOS made in my company’s profitability and my quality of life.

That’s why I’m here—to help other entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes I made along the way . . .  to achieve success faster using the EOS framework.

Client Achievements

Why Gregg?

Been there.

I worked long hours. I experienced the same frustrations in my business. After EOS, I got my life back. Better team, more balance, record profits.

Coaching success.

I use a challenge-and-support approach to set the tone for healthy growth. As one client said, “It’s a phenomenal experience. Gregg is a great listener who brings out our best qualities.”

Get ROI. Or don't pay.

I am completely focused on getting you where you want to be. Your success is my obsession. If you don’t get the value you are looking for, don’t pay me.

What clients say

“This will change the face of your business as you know it. You will learn more about yourselves than you imagined. Gregg has the potential to unlock a deeper, more streamlined path to success.”


“Gregg has a knack for digging out ideas from each person. He can simplify and clarify. Everyone was rowing in a different direction. Now we’ve started moving forward. We’re launching another office and adding staff.”


“Gregg tells me the truth, with honest compassion. I respect him at every level. He exudes the confidence of a leader, but it’s not about him. He makes it about the team.”


Sit with Gregg and you can get somewhere. We worked on our core values for years. Then he helped us figure out who we are in a day.”


What’s the plan?


Discovery Call

A brief conversation to talk about your business, and how a clearer vision, stronger traction and a more healthy culture can help achieve your goals.



Bring your leaders together for 90 minutes, to align on commitment to the EOS framework, and jumpstart the process.



Together we do the work that clarifies vision, aligns your people, and moves you all toward the work and life you want.



You’re making better profits. Your life is more balanced. You love coming to work again. Your team does too.